Trans Europe Emergency Services Language Training Project

Recent International Search and Rescue Operations have presented major difficulties in dialogue, information collation and technical understanding. This has caused operational inefficiency, and has brought about the need for closer co-operation between countries.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service have addressed this issue and are developing an innovative multi-language basic computer reference-training database.

The training package will:

  • Add value to international Emergency Service procedures
  • Offer a more cost effective, efficient, mobile and professional response, to the protection of life and property.

The database will have at least 2,000 basic Emergency Service terms, providing a vocational training format that will increase staff confidence in multi lingual working situations. Hard copy manual or simple aid memoir versions are also available for Emergency Service appliances, or areas without ready access to IT equipment.

Different Emergency ServiceĀ“s support and assist in the development of the 2,000 basic terms. This is backed by translation services from approved national vocational training institutions, ensuring total understanding in the validation of the database, interpretation and the development of the Internet access/data.

Establishing a multi lingual language-training package will provide operational officers the necessary language competence skills to co-ordinate operational procedures. It will ensure readily available access to basic national organizational structures, equipment; improve working relationships, closer harmony, respect and mutual understanding between international Emergency Service personnel.

This project will be carried out with the support of the European Community.

The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it involve any responsibility of their part.